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HemoCue® HealthTrender Anemia Launch

Launch of HemoCue® HealthTrender Anemia, empowering you with the tools and insight to fight anemia, presented at the Sweden Embassy in New Delhi.

December 7, 2016

Knowing is caring

HemoCue, global leader in Point‐of‐Care testing, organized a scientific symposium presenting the next step in the HemoCue continuous effort to eradicate anemia, through cloud based connectivity.

The HemoCue® HealthTrender Anemia, real time data for immediate insight, was demonstrated and launched.

With a prevalence of up to 80% in developing countries Anemia forms one of the most serious global public health challenges. Left untreated, anemia can have devastating effects on the prosperity of an entire society. The physical and cognitive losses due to iron deficiency anemia have a significant effect on the Gross Domestic Product –in some developing countries up to as much as 4 %. Early and accurate diagnosis can play a key role in improving treatment outcomes in anemia. Detection methods that are fast, accurate and reliable is the way forward in in the ongoing fight against anemia.

Many of the governmental programs are executed in rural areas under harsh conditions with limited access to neither electricity nor pure water combined with a poor infrastructure where it becomes virtually impossible to collect data.

What is measured gets done

The HemoCue® HealthTrender Anemia is a cloud based solution that can help to overcome these challenges by using real-time data captured from the HemoCue® Hb201+ Analyzer in the field. Data collected help policy makers manoeuver and consistent monitor hemoglobin levels in the target groups.

About HemoCue

Products from HemoCue - part of the Radiometer Group - are used in more than 130 countries. Working with healthcare professionals within various clinical areas worldwide, HemoCue has developed a profound understanding of varying needs. With four HemoCue tests being performed each second, HemoCue Point-of-Care testing contributes to better healthcare, by providing the data needed, when and where it is needed, to help take accurate healthcare decisions quickly.

Bjørn Christ, President, HemoCue AB said, “To diagnose anemia and make early crucial decisions related to managing anemia in patients and to monitor response to therapy, hemoglobin measurement remains the prime focus. And that is where HemoCue can make a difference with its technology enabled products. We have been able to achieve great results in other countries as well. Continuing with our mission of improving lives through innovation, we have developed HemoCue® HealthTrender Anemia, an innovative system that ensures optimal usage of resources to secure maximum outcome of your healthcare program.

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