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World's First Medical Drones with HemoCue POC Solutions

HemoCue Point-Of-Care (POC) instruments have not only been part in scientific expeditions to the Himalayas or in spaceflight - They have now also taken the world´s first flight with a medical drone.

July 7, 2017

Fast diagnostic services are crucial to help caregivers make diagnostic decisions that save lives. In some countries, the time to send tests to a lab or to get a result is too long, and using drones to deliver medical supplies can be lifesaving. The medical drones from GLOBHE carry a specially designed HemoCue Hb301 Drone kit. We are proud to provide fast, accurate and reliable diagnostic POC solutions to this project.


First of its kind!

On 29 June 2017, Africa’s first humanitarian drone testing corridor and one of the first globally with a focus on humanitarian and development use was launched in collaboration between Malawi Government and UNICEF. The corridor is centred on Kasungu and is designed to provide a controlled platform for the private sector, universities and other partners to explore how UAVs can be used to help deliver services that will benefit communities also in hard to reach areas.

Pioneering work by UNICEF, GLOBHE and HemoCue

HemoCue teamed up with GLOBHE (a Swedish drone service company) to supply fast delivery of POC test and to support people also in hard to reach areas. The project launched by UNICEF and Government of Malawi, is a humanitarian drone program that may significantly improve efficiency and ability to deliver emergency services to areas in need.  Since the announcement in December 2016, companies, universities and NGOs from around the world applied to use the corridor. This includes drone manufacturers, operators and telecom companies such as: GLOBHE (Sweden) in collaboration with HemoCue and UCANDRONE (Greece), and Precision (Malawi), all of which were present at the launch to demonstrate connectivity, transportation and imagery uses respectively. 

We are truly proud to be part in this project. Read the press release from UNICEF and watch the video from the first drone delivery in Malawi here below. 

Link to the UNICEF press release here


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