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Pivotal role of Point of care testing (POCT) in healthcare setup

A symposium on the role of point of care diagnostics in strengthening healthcare system was conducted by HemoCue involving channel partners at several parts of India

August 26, 2016

Diagnosis at point of care can create a significant impact to current healthcare infrastructure in India. HemoCue India is strongly working on making POCT solutions accessible across India. We conducted a series of symposium on “Role of POCT in healthcare setup” with the channel partner at various locations from May to July, 2016. The symposium was conducted with an objective to improve reach and services, which was very well received by the channel partners.

The discussion was centered on numerous advantages offered by POCT devices such as minimal turnaround time, require less sample volume, trained technician is not required, no calibration of instrument, many are battery operated, reduced preanalytic and postanalytic testing, convenience for clinicians and rapid data availability. Point of care diagnostics will be used more for onsite diagnostics and will become important modality in improving patient care.

The participants were amazed by how fast and easy it is to get a 5-part differential count during a patient consultation- HemoCue WBC DIFF system.

HemoCue Glucose system was highly appreciated, which offers huge advantage of detecting hypoglycemia in neonates with accuracy and precision. It was a wonderful experience for the visitors to know how easy it can be to get fast answers at the point of care – without compromising on accuracy.

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