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With point-of-care testing the results are easily and quickly available, improving both patient care and workflow at the physician's office

The physician's waiting room is usually busy with people of all ages with a variety of symptoms and reasons for being there. One person may be there to check up tiredness and thirst felt lately. Could it be diabetes? Another has a sore throat. With important meetings coming up at work it is simply impossible to stay at home. But with a prescription for antibiotics, there is hope that the infection will be gone in no time. A third person who has felt that his or her memory is no longer what it used to be, wants to relieve the worry that it may be caused by dementia. Couldn't it simply be a sign of normal aging, just something to accept as you grow older? Or could it be something quite different?

A position of trust

As a general practitioner you meet all these patients every day. For people with concerns about health issues, the physician's office is usually the first contact with healthcare. With your competence and medical experience you know what can be easily cured, what should be followed up, and what needs to be referred to a specialist. Your clinical experience and judgment in combination with accurate testing of clinical parameters are keys for making important medical decisions. HemoCue point-of-care testing provides results that are easily and quickly available, improving both patient care and workflow at the physician's office.

Solutions at hand

HemoCue point-of-care testing systems are available to test glucose, HbA1c, urine albumin, Hb and white blood cell count with five part differential. The systems give immediate results with laboratory accuracy. With these systems at hand, you have a useful portfolio of tools to manage the following at the point of care:

  • Screening, diagnosing and monitoring of diabetes
  • Detection and monitoring of microalbuminuria
  • Detection and monitoring of anemia
  • Indication of general infection

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