Reliable Anemia Screening Technology at Your Fingertip

HemoCue lab accurate analyzers combined with easy to use wireless technology gives you the upper hand in the fight against anemia

Immediate Insight

Hb measurement and personal data are compiled in real-time providing managers and leaders with immediate insight about the status of the program, allowing fast adjustment if needed

Trusted Local Partner with Legacy

HemoCue India, supported by longstanding collaboration with HemoCue AB in Sweden, has proven to be a trustworthy partner in the fight against anemia 

HemoCue® Hb 301 System

Optimized for anemia screening in primary care and blood donation settings, the HemoCue® Hb 301 System is a simple and convenient solution that provides quick, easy access to lab-quality results without compromising accuracy.

HemoCue® Hb 201+ System 

Providing lab accuracy and ease of use, the HemoCue® Hb 201+ System has become a standard in hemoglobin point-of-care testing. It is intended for hemoglobin determination in all segments including hospitals and critically ill patients. 

HemoCue® BT Connect

HemoCue® BT Connect offers wireless connectivity for HemoCue analyzers making it possible to send results from HemoCue analyzers to devices with Bluetooth 4.0 capability. 

HemoCue HealthTrender Anemia Digital Solutions

HemoCue HeatlhTrender Anemia App 

Add default demographic data such as age, gender, iron supplement, pregnant/non-pregnant, lactating status and location. Optional demographic data: height and weight. Contact your local HemoCue representative to learn more about HealthTrender Anemia App. 

HemoCue HealthTrender Analysis Tool

The solution is cloud-based and works on the most commonly used browsers. Filter, compare, and display anemia data. Monitor usage, licenses, and more. 

Reach the Anemia Mukt Bharat goals with a reliable and experienced partner by your side. The HemoCue brand name vouches for experience, quality and trust. With close to 40 years of experience in the field, global resources, and proven results, we are a trustworthy partner in the fight against anemia. 

Embrace health logo
By providing access to accurate anemia screening tools, you can easier detect those at risk. In 2015, HemoCue initiated Embrace Health, an initiative to screen and treat anemia. Learn more about anemia and how it can be detected. Join us in the movement and embrace health.

Worldwide more individuals have iron-deficiency anemia, than any other health-related problem. One drop of blood, in combination with our point-of-care systems, is all it takes to deliver lab-quality results, even in the most demanding environments. Learn more about what we at HemoCue do to fight anemia.

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