Point-of-Care Testing - A Patient-friendly & Fast Method

A true point-of-care system optimizes patient flow with fast and lab-accurate results. Point-of-care testing (POCT) has the potential to decrease delays to treatment initiation, increase emergency room efficiency, influence patient care positively and alleviate the negative effects of overcrowding a waiting room.

A true POCT system is portable and can be used either in your lab, in your own office or in remote areas. Now you have the benefits of a true point-of-care system with lab-accurate results – right at your fingertips.

Accurate White Blood Cell Count - At the Point of Care - When You Need It

Frequent challenges in a patient assessment are often limited time, sometimes even long distances and available resources for performing a test. With a portable system you can benefit from lab-accurate results at the point-of-care. In the hospital, in your office or off-site in a remote area, regardless of place or distance, you can have lab-accurate white blood cell count with 5-part differential - at the point of care - right when you need it. Learn how the system provides benefits in different clinical settings – from emergency room to primary care. 

Get the knowledge you need in a drop of blood 

With HemoCue WBC DIFF you can rely on a POCT, which enable immediate care and treatment decisions using a drop of blood. Regardless if you use capillary or venous testing, the system will give you a 5-part differential within minutes. 

The unique cuvette technology with a small sample size enables capillary sampling for a more patient-friendly sampling technique. Capillary sampling is a fast and less invasive method – especially within a pediatric setting. With HemoCue WBC DIFF all you need is a drop of blood from a capillary sample – to get the test results during one appointment. You don’t have to send the sample to the lab and wait for the result to come back.

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