HemoCue® Glucose 201+ System

The HemoCue Glucose 201+ System measures glucose levels to aid in diagnosing diabetes. The unique microcuvette technology gives high accuracy and reduces contamination risks.

The HemoCue Glucose 201+ System puts labequivalent answers in health professionals’ hands when they’re needed most — at the point of care. Not only does the unique cuvette technology enable high accuracy in just three simple steps, with a workflow that reduces contamination risks.

Enables right decisions at the point of care

  • Used in screening, monitoring and aid in diagnosis of diabetes mellitus
  • Precise monitoring for better glycemic control
  • Possible to detect hypoglycemia in newborns


Reduces margins of error

  • Microcuvette technology means no need to bring analyzer near patients, a workflow reducing the risk of spreading infection
  • No clinically significant lot-to-lot variation
  • Fixed analyzer calibration, means no need to recalibrate


Offers convenience and flexibility

  • Portable and battery-operated system

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